Who knew a door could be so much fun?

Thanks to positive press, Carqon had a great start. Read the first reviews of Carqon.

Shortly before the launch of Carqon in 2020, bike journalist had the opportunity to test the Carqon. Thanks to this positive press, Carqon had a flying start. Bike journalists from all over Europe wrote about the upcoming cargo bike. This positive press reached bike dealers from all over the world. Within a few days hundreds of bike dealers applied to be become dealers. A great first start for the team.

Carqon, Review, The Verge
Carqon tested by a family in Amsterdam | The Verge

If you still think cars, even electric cars, are the future of urban transportation, the Carqon electric cargo bike is here to convince you otherwise.

The Verge

US-based tech giant The Verge was the first platform to test the Carqon for two weeks. A journalist from Amsterdam had the change to testride the Carqon in the busy city center. The Verge was full of praise of the design, ease of driving and comfort of the Carqon. ‘I just spent a week riding Carqon’s first production bicycle here in Amsterdam. (…) I came away a believer in the transformative power of the electric cargo bike to replace both diesel-gulping delivery vans and family cars in the world’s cities.’

RTL News: The best of available cargo bikes?

The Dutch RTL Nieuws reviewed the Carqon by means of an extensive video. ‘The Carqon is a perfect cargo bike, has a large box with lots of space. Actually, it is a gadget that you do not want to test, because then you also want to have it yourself.

Looking for more Carqon reviews?

After the launch of Carqon, a lot has been written about the cargo bike.

  1. Volkskrant
    ‘A cargo bike so supersonic that it could replace the (second) car. (…) Carqon is the only cargo bike with a door, so that the children can get in and out themselves, as if in a carriage. And yes, the children love the door.’
  2. Radelbande
    Bicycle expert Tilman from Germany made a review video of Carqon in the middle of Hamburg. His first judgment is very positive: ‘The Carqon is equipped with an Enviolo hub gear in combination with a Bosch mid-engine. The operation of the bike is super easy.’

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